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Plastic and Celluoid Table Tennis Balls Compared - Introduction

Part 1: Random Sample Testing: Plastic Ball vs Celluloid Ball - Introduction - About us and our motives 0:08 - Selecting a random sample 2:34 - What we tested ...

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  • Not Ping-Pong diplomacy, but fun

    During its first year, the team started with six tables, but now it has 24, and plenty of table-tennis balls, he said. The only material members need to provide for themselves are paddles. Kompaniyets said people are usually surprised at how quickly

  • Sharath Kamal interview, Part 1: What goes inside the mind of a ...

    Sharath Kamal says: "I think in any top level sport, there is a lot of mental conditioning (involved), and a mental game goes on between two players."

  • Sixth graders delighted with USU science field trip

    Table tennis balls normally have a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour, but he found a way to send one at 400 to 500 miles per hour. He set up tube hooked up to an air compressor and launched the unsuspecting table tennis ball into three empty soda cans.

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