The Florida Moot Court Team, governed by the Justice Campbell Thornal Executive Board, which is named in honor of the late Florida Supreme Court justice and devoted alumnus, participates in intramural, state and national appellate competitions. close


Origins of the Moot Court Team

The Moot Court Team has been a fixture at the College of Law since the school’s founding in 1909. The Structure and functions of the team as we know it today were developed during the 1962-63 academic year, when team members, school administrators and Professor Fletcher Baldwin collaborated to establish a Constitution and basic guidelines for the newly-named Justice Campbell Thornal Moot Court Board. The following year, the team brought home the first of many national awards – the Harris Tweed Award for Best Brief at the American Bar Competition.

The team is named for the late Justice Campbell Thornal, a 1930 graduate of the College of Law who served on the Florida Supreme Court from 1955 to 1970. Justice Thornal was frequently compared to Abraham Lincoln because of his rugged honesty, tenacity of purpose, keen sense of humor, and tall lanky figure. Committing both time and resources to the team, Justice Thornal helped members achieve and maintain the standard of excellence in brief writing and oral advocacy for which the Moot Court Team is known today.